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"IMPOSSIBLE" weight loss now possible with Sleep Doctor's Rx. Lose your belly in one hour a night — while asleep!
Dieting? Exercise? Sacrificing the foods you love? And still no luck?

If losing weight and keeping it off seems "impossible" for you, the reason may be something you’ve never suspected — sleep! Research shows that...

One extra hour of sleep a night may be all you need to finally lose that weight you thought was impossible to shed.

What's more, Breus's new book, The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan, shows you simple tricks to get more and deeper rest — the kind of sleep your body's hormones need to shed extra pounds. When you request your free 21-Day Trial copy of The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan, you'll find:

How a cool room and a hot water bottle force your body to relax for quicker, deeper sleep — and faster, more powerful weight loss! Page 104

  Why 400 mg of magnesium can boost serotonin to help relax you — but only when combined with this other mineral. Page 84

  The best time of day to STOP EXERCISING for an optimal sleep pattern. Page 85

  Why one type of foam may be the worst bedding option for women over 40 — and what to try instead. Page 166

  Menopause pajamas — the best fabric for sleeping during hot flashes and why cotton is your worst choice. Page 30
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Dinners that stabilize blood sugar, prevent binge eating, and stop late-night splurges. Page 248

  Why intense exercise DECREASED sleep quality. Relax and do this instead. Page 136

  How to tell if your mattress cover will keep out dust mites. Page 170

  The scents that force your brain to relax and how to bring them into your bedroom for higher, quality sleep. Page 199

  How to tell if pillows are causing his snoring. Page 168
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How a nightlight can help you get a better night’s sleep—and why you’ll want the bulb to be this color. Page 180

  How to get better sleep during the worst part of your menstrual cycle—by drinking this. It flushes out excess sodium that causes bloating. Page 84

  A great natural alternative to down pillows and comforters for sleepers with allergies—hypoallergenic, chemical free, and affordable. Page 172

  Why you may want to have your iron level tested if you wake up during the night so much that you feel exhausted in the morning. Page 231

  The "Sleep Spices" that promote a good night’s rest. Page 216

  Melatonin supplements—what you need to know BEFORE you ever try this remedy. Page 228. Plus, a natural source that is safer and may be just as effective. Page 229

  THIS RESEARCH FINDING: A device that plugs into your bedroom wall delivers results that nearly equal sleeping pills—without that groggy, drugged feeling. Page 187

  This popular scent that some mistakenly believe helps you sleep. Why it’s just the opposite—and what to use instead. Page 200

  Why your bed should face east (page 145)—except when you are in a hotel.
Page 146
Sleep Buster or Sleep Saver?
  Only TWO of these foods help you get the sleep you need to lose weight. The others may be keeping you awake. Click below for results.  
Tomato Sauce — click to reveal
Non Caffeinated Sodas — click to reveal
Banana Split — click to reveal
Mint Tea — click to reveal
Milk and Cookies — click to reveal
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