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"I have found a clear-cut connection between poor sleep and obesity." ? Dr. Breus, America's Sleep Doctor
Can sleep possibly be the secret to weight loss?

Can something so common, so inexpensive — with absolutely no unwanted side effects — somehow succeed where diets and exercise have failed?

The simple truth is YES, it can! The research is clear and conclusive: Giving your body the rest it needs can enable you to lose weight even if you do not alter your diet or fitness routine.

Dr. Michael Breus, "America's Sleep Doctor," recently conducted a sleep/weight loss challenge with one of the USA's top women's magazines. The results made weight loss history — 7 of the 8 women who followed his 5 Simple Rules lost weight, up to 15 pounds in 8 weeks! Most amazing? The weight was lost without restrictive diets or drastic changes to their exercise!
Even without changing the food you eat or exercising vigorously, simply getting better sleep can help you to lose weight or maintain a normal weight.
    This breakthrough plan, now yours free for 21 days without obligation to buy, is based on the successes Dr. Breus has had with patients who have visited his world-renowned sleep clinic in Glendale, Arizona, as well as extensive sleep science research conducted by medical scientists worldwide.

As you discover how the plan can transform your sleep — and your figure — you’ll meet and learn from:

Claire, 34, simply couldn't sleep. She thought she had tried everything — from eliminating caffeine in her diet, to exercising in the early morning hours, to taking over-the-counter herbal sleep supplements — all to no avail. Until she learned a new sleep pattern by keeping this secret by her bedside. This helped her end her sugary carb cravings and lose 4 pounds in her first month!

  Caroline, 39, came to see Dr. Breus with the most common complaint he hears: "I don't sleep at all. When I get in the bed, I cannot turn my mind off, and I just lie there all night long, thinking of everything I need to do tomorrow and over the next few weeks. Before I know it, it is morning, and I dread the day." He told her about an old trick that often helps people who repeatedly go over worries in their minds just before sleep. In 2 weeks she learned a valuable secret and continues to have the best sleep night after night.

  Lynn, 41, had an enormous sleep debt that made it hard for her to perform well at her job. Her weight was about 12 pounds higher than she preferred, and she felt nervous and on edge much of the time. Little did she know her over the counter headache medication and her morning cup of coffee were actually the cause of her restless nights. Changing this one habit (with the care of her family doctor to a non-caffeine headache relief) helped her get her sleep back and lose 6 pounds in her first month of this revolutionary new plan!

"I will teach you how to boost your metabolic rate, decrease your appetite, and lose weight simply by improving your sleep quality and quantity."
— Dr. Breus

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If you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep and still feel as if you didn't sleep well, you could have a sleep disorder like the one described on page 52. When your 21-Day Free-Trial Copy arrives, read that section first before consulting a physician.


Fixing an uncomfortable bed may be as easy (and affordable!) as changing your pillow. The guide and illustrations on page 168 shows why a side-sleeper needs a different kind of pillow than a back-sleeper. Click here to get your 21-day free trial and see Dr. Breus's Pic-a-Pillow™ chart that puts pillow problems to rest.


A sleep research team found a significant reduction in reported insomnia severity during the weeks when test subjects drank tart cherry juice. Click here to get your 21-day free trial of The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan and turn to page 229 to see how much—and when—to consume the juice before you try expensive sleep medicines with side effects.


If you can find 20 minutes of quiet time in your day, try Dr. Breus's "Nap-a-Latte" trick. Drink one cup of cool coffee quickly, then close your eyes for a short rest. When you awake, the double surge of coffee and rest can get you through the afternoon without the need for more caffeine. Please click here to get your 21-day free trial of The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan and check page 96 for the best time to try this—and how much caffeine should be in the coffee.